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Modified primer synthesis

Service Introduction

        IGEBio has advanced high-throughput DNA synthesizers, professional technicians, and mature synthesis and purification methods, which can provide you with high-quality and diversified primer synthesis services in a timely manner. Guarantee first-class quality and timely delivery time. The types of primer modifications/labeling provided mainly include:

        Rare base modification

        Sulfide modification

        Amino modification

        Phosphorus modification

        Thiol modification




        Fluorescent labeling

        Quenching group

        You can mark different fluorescent groups at the 5' end, 3' end or specified position of the primer according to your needs. In addition to single fluorescent group modification, we also provide double-labeled probes with a series of fluorescent groups such as TAMRA, BHQ, DABCYL, and ECLIPSE.


Service Advantages

        Fast delivery: Compress delivery time while ensuring first-class quality.

        Strict quality control: Strictly control each link from raw materials, production process to quality inspection.

        Reliable process: Mature process, accurate synthesis, and evenly distributed combined bases.

        Various purification methods: DSL purification, PAGE purification, RPC purification, HPLC purification.

        Various modification tags: A variety of rare bases, modified groups, fluorescent groups, and biotin are available.


IGE-oligo form primer synthesis order


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