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Steady-state cell line construction

Service introduction

        We can insert the sequence of your interest into the genome of cells commonly used in the laboratory. And screen for stable integrated single-clone cell lines. It can be used in a variety of research fields, such as signal transduction, drug target research, and immunotherapy drug development. AegiBio has successfully constructed cell lines in dozens of cells. You only need to provide the gene sequence, and we can complete the cell line screening according to the requirements.

        Currently, a variety of technologies can be used to construct stable cell lines, including lentivirus technology, FRT technology, and transposon technology.

        Sleeping beauty transposon (sleepbeauty) is a technology for constructing and screening cell steady-state strains using a transposon system to replace the technology of constructing steady-state strains by lentivirus infection. The vector includes the recognition region of the transposon. Under the catalysis of the transposase, the target fragment is cut off from the vector to form a small ring structure, and then inserted at a fixed sequence position in the genome, thus achieving stable integration. It has been widely used in clinical applications in CAR-T cell therapy, and fully demonstrates its characteristics of low cost, high efficiency, and stable gene expression.

Service advantages

        Fast delivery, can deliver mixed clones, or single clones. 1-2 months.

        Cell lines have undergone str identification and mycoplasma identification, and the source is clean and uncontaminated.

Technical process



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