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iPure Saliva Collection Device and Preservation Solution

Catlog No:F120

Size:1 套/盒

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Product Info

        This product allows for the collection and storage of saliva samples using a saliva collector and collection tube. After collection, all the cell preservation solution is poured into the collection tube, and the tube is shaken to ensure thorough mixing with the cell preservation solution, which maintains the integrity of the DNA in the saliva sample. The sample can be stored at room temperature (15°C to 25°C) for up to one month.


Product Features

1.Simple operation: Users can easily collect samples, avoiding the uncertainties and poor reproducibility of traditional swab sampling.

2.Suitable for automated decapping platforms, facilitating high-throughput extraction and processing of large sample volumes (suitable for fully automated workstations).

3.Each tube comes with a unique barcode label, allowing for easy operation by scanning the label with a barcode scanner for record-keeping, eliminating the need for repetitive input of sample names. Suitable for sample library construction.

Instructions for Use

1.Tear open the packaging and take out the saliva collector. Place the collector near the mouth and collect 2ml of saliva.


2.Unscrew the tube containing the cell preservation solution and pour all the solution into the funnel of the collector. Dispose of the funnel of the collector in the trash. Cover the tube containing the saliva collector with the lid.


3.Hold the collection tube and shake it vigorously up and down or left and right for 30 seconds to ensure thorough mixing of the cell preservation solution and saliva sample.

4.Label the saliva collection tube, place it back in the packaging, and prepare it for transportation or storage.


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