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SiRNA Transfection Reagent

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siRNA 转染试剂

Guangzhou IGE Biotechnology has launched an siRNA transfection reagent - siRNAsuperlM Transfection Reagent Kit (with buffer). This reagent is based on a novel transfection vector suitable for siRNA, which facilitates siRNA transfection. It is suitable for gene silencing in various cells, such as fibroblasts, myocytes, monocytes, macrophages, epithelial cells, endothelial cells, embryonic stem cells, primary cells, etc.



Product Description

    The main active component of the siRNAsuperlM Transfection Reagent Kit is a novel synthetic molecule derived from a natural complex. This reagent achieves high-quality gene silencing in both suspension and adherent cells and is the preferred choice for reverse transfection to achieve high-throughput transfection.


Product Features

    High transfection efficiency

    Good transfection effect on primary cells and stem cells

    Non-toxic within effective concentration

    Good reproducibility

    No need for special experimental conditions, no need for ice during transfection

    Easy to operate

    Convenient storage at 4°C (± 2°C)

    Next step experiments can be carried out without removing the transfection complex


Precautions for Product Use

    The complex of transfection reagent and siRNA must be prepared in serum-free and antibiotic-free medium. Once the complex is formed, transfection can be achieved in both serum-containing and serum-free media (depending on the cells).

    Transfection conditions and protein inhibition efficiency can be optimized according to cell type, protein characteristics, RNA amount, and transfection reagent dosage.

    Adjusting the amount of siRNA, reagent, and cell density can improve transfection efficiency.

    The siRNAsuperlM Transfection Reagent Kit is for research purposes only and cannot be used for therapy or diagnosis in animals and/or humans.

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