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Standard primer synthesis

Service Introduction

       IGEBio currently uses advanced, high-throughput automated DNA synthesis instruments, with high-quality raw materials and optimized processes and rigorous quality control testing to ensure the quality of primers. It can also synthesize fluorescently modified primers, TaqMan probes, and siRNA. High-quality primers are suitable for biological experiments in a variety of fields, including whole gene synthesis, biochips, qPCR, and NGS.

Service Advantages

        Fast delivery: Regular primers can be ordered on the same day and delivered as early as the next morning.

        Strict quality control: Each link is strictly controlled from raw materials, production process to primer quality inspection.

        Reliable process: Mature process, accurate synthesis, and even distribution of combined bases.

        Various purification methods: DSL purification, PAGE purification, RPC purification, HPLC purification.

        Various modification tags: A variety of rare bases, modified groups, fluorescent groups, and biotin.

Technical Procedures



Introduction and application scope of purification methods


Table 1. Introduction of main primer purification methods


Table 2. Application scope and suggestions of main primer purification methods


In order to ensure the purity of your primers, please contact us before choosing RPC purification for short-chain primers <5mer.

Service instructions

    If you do not specify the synthesis amount in your email, we will default to 2OD for synthesis. Combined bases are charged according to regular primers.

Combined bases

N:(A/G/C/T)    V:(A/C/G)    M:(A/C)    H:(A/C/T)    R:(A/G)    D:(A/G/T)    W:(A/T)    B:(C/G/T)    S:(C/G)    Y:(C/T)    K:(G/T)  



IGE-oligo form primer synthesis order

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