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Nucleic acid extraction services

Service introduction


        IGEBio provides nucleic acid extraction services, including gDNA extraction and RNA extraction. We are equipped with professional extraction operators and use our own self-developed and manufactured fully automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument and magnetic bead nucleic acid extraction reagents to complete the extraction.

        We have established a complete quality control system in accordance with ISO9001 standards and introduced 5S production management standards to ensure extraction quality. We can meet the nucleic acid extraction needs of scientific research users, industrial users and government agencies.

        Various types of acceptable sample types

        Tissue samples: paraffin-embedded tissue, mouse tail, mouse toe, pig ear, pig tail, shrimp, fish, etc.;

        Fungal samples: mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, etc.;

Service features

        Reliable quality: Both upstream and downstream experiments use magnetic bead purification, which has better experimental stability and results.

        Quick delivery: Samples taken on the same day will be sent the next morning at the earliest.

        Extraction throughput: We have multiple S-96 nucleic acid extraction instruments, which can meet the requirements for large-scale nucleic acid extraction.

Sample requirements

        Blood samples (EDTA, heparin, and sodium citrate anticoagulant) should be stored at 4°C for one week, -20°C for one month, and -80°C for one year.

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