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Cloning construct 

Service introduction

        IGEBio has mature and efficient molecular cloning technology. By providing the full sequence information of the recombinant plasmid and the template sequence information, it can realize the recombination cloning of different molecules according to customer needs, without relying on restriction enzyme sites, to achieve the purpose of connecting multiple fragments.

Service advantages

        Advanced technology: Using seamless cloning technology, it does not rely on restriction enzyme sites, and assembles multiple DNA sequences in any order.

        Reliable quality: No other sequences or mutations are introduced, and precise screening and sequencing verification guarantee that the sequence is 100% correct.

        Personalized service: Design professional and optimal project plans for customers to ensure the smooth progress of the project.

Technical Procedures

Seamless cloning process

Services Procedures



        Free project design scheme is provided, and gene extraction and fragment amplification can be carried out according to customer needs;

        Knockout or knock-in plasmids can be constructed;

        Design and construct expression vectors and vector modification, etc.;

        The progress of the experiment can be queried online. For problems that occur in the project process, professional personnel will communicate in a timely and effective manner to promote the project to proceed on schedule and complete it with high quality;

        Intellectual property protection: Strictly confidential information provided by customers will not be disclosed to third parties in any form.


Sample Requirements


Results Delivery


Service Price


Note: The specific quotation and cycle for clone construction will be determined based on the difficulty level of the project after analysis.


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Cloning project order

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