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Peptide synthesis service

Platform introduction

        Peptides are bio-active substances involved in various cellular functions in the body. They are a class of compounds with molecular structures between amino acids and proteins, which are formed by the combination of multiple amino acids in a certain order through peptide bonds.

Service advantages

        Purity: Crude peptides, desalted, pure peptides with purities of 70%, 75%, 80%, 85%, 90%, 95%, 98%, and 99%.

        Desalting and salt conversion: According to customer requirements, peptides can be desalted with TFA salt or converted to acetate.

        Delivery time: Generally 2-3 weeks for peptides with 30 amino acids or less, and 1-2 weeks at the fastest.

        Quality control: Every peptide is provided with free HPLC, MS, and COA files.


Technical procedures

        There are two chemical synthesis methods for peptide synthesis, namely Fmoc and tBoc. Because Fmoc has many advantages over tBoc, Fmoc is now mostly used for synthesis. Each cycle consists of the following three reactions, which are repeated until the peptide chain is extended to the desired length.

        Deprotection: The amino protection group of the Fmoc-protected amino acid must be removed with a basic solvent (piperidine).

        Activation: The carboxylic acid of the amino acid to be coupled is activated by the activator.

        Coupling: The activated carboxylic acid reacts with the exposed amino group of the previous amino acid to form a peptide bond. Excess reagent is used in this step to promote the completion of the reaction.

Services provided

        Conventional peptides: Peptides with 6-30 amino acids.

        Long-chain peptides: Peptides with 31-130 amino acids.

        Modified and non-natural amino acid peptides: Non-natural amino acids, N-methyl amino acids, Fmoc-amino acids and their derivatives, Boc-amino acids and their derivatives, etc.


Turnaround time

        Conventional peptides will be delivered within 2-3 weeks; the delivery time for long-chain and modified peptides will be extended accordingly.


Results delivery

        A complete set of inspection reports will be provided, including: HPLC report; MS report; synthesis report.

        HPLC inspection:


        MS inspection:


Delivery results

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