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Sample preparation guide

Sanger sequencing

Sample preparation guide

DNA types

DNA length (including size)

template concentration,

total amount of template


 < 6 kb

~50 ng/uL

~500 ng

 6 kb~10 kb

~80 ng/uL

~800 ng

 10 kb

~100 ng/uL

~1000 ng

Purified PCR products

<500 bp

~1 ng/uL

Unpurified PCR products

Original liquid total volume should be no less than 20uL

Bacterial culture

Direct extraction: 2-4 mL overnight cultured bacterial liquid

if need to expand culture: >200 μL fresh bacterial liquid

Bacterial colonies on agar plates

When providing bacterial plates, ensure that the colonies are not too dense, and mark the colonies to be picked.

Sequencing primers

≥5 pmol/uL(5uM)

≥10 ul

        Please provide the bacterial culture along with the type of antibiotics used. Commonly used antibiotics include ampicillin (Amp), kanamycin (Kan), chloramphenicol (Chl), etc. If non-standard antibiotics such as blasticidin are required, it is recommended to provide the corresponding antibiotics along with the sample.

        For PCR products, if the fragment size is less than 100bp, sequencing after cloning is recommended. Please indicate the size of the bands and whether the bands are single.

        The length of sequencing primers should be controlled within 20-30bp. Primers that are too short or too long can affect sequencing quality.

        DNA samples provided should be dissolved in deionized water or double-distilled water, not in TE buffer.

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